All Souveniers

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Biswa bangla store

Biswa Bangla echoes the heartbeat of Bengal— its art, craft and culture. Our products are authentic, hand-crafted items that connect connoisseurs to the lives of Bengal’s people and their myriad expressions. When you shop with us, you do not only

Hayden Hall

Hayden Hall, (opposite the State Bank of India on Laden La Road), a Roman Catholic social service centre also has a brilliant handicrafts section with the purpose of helping the local people.  You must check out the variety of woollens

The Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre

The Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre is a self-supporting help centre for Tibetan refugees, which also manufactures some Tibetan handicrafts. It was established in 1959, the year the Dalai Lama sought refuge in India. It has special significance for the Tibetans,

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